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Experienced hazardous waste services in Indiana, Ohio and surrounding states

When It Comes to Waste Management and Recycling, ERS Is Well Equipped

  • Licensed Hazardous Waste Transporter: IN, MI, OH, IL, KY
  • Economical Treatment, Disposal and Recycling Options
  • Recoverable Petroleum Product and Impacted Water Recycling
  • 3000-3200 gallon Stainless and Carbon Steel Pressvac Vacuum Trucks (7)
  • 7000-gallon Aluminium Tanker (weight legal up to 6200 gallons of impacted water or 7000 gallons of fuel)
  • Heavy Duty Stakebed Trucks for Drum Transportation
  • Dump Trucks for Impacted Soil Transportation and Disposal
  • Sampling, Analysis and Waste Characterization
  • Portable Storage Tank and Frac Tank Rentals


ERS has a fleet of specialized equipment available 24/7, designed for the safe transportation of industrial, non-hazardous, hazardous and petroleum waste. Our trained staff is prepared to give you the best and most reliable source of industrial and hazardous waste transportation, providing cost effective alternatives, while also addressing your long term needs.

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