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At every ERS work site, safety comes first

ERS takes pride in our commitment to health and safety and has one of the best records in the industry. The objective of our health and safety plan is to control the chemical, physical and environmental hazards through proper planning, hazard recognition, evaluation, control, and communication so that we have no accidents, spills or other incidents that could adversely affect our employees, the public, or the environment. To make that happen, we require strict adherence to the standard health and safety procedures and policies by our personnel, subcontractors and visitors at ERS project sites.

Our program complies with OSHA general industry and construction industry standards, with emphasis placed on OSHA’s “Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response” standard.

Our program is implemented on a corporate-wide basis with health and safety plans prepared for every ERS project. The major elements of our program are: employee medical monitoring; employee health and safety training; site health and safety plan development; site inspections and audits; and near miss and safety observation follow-up and corrective action.

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ERS has a history of safely working at our clients’ sites, and this is reflective of our commitment to protecting our most valuable asset: our employees. The following lists represents a small portion of our employee and company certifications.

  • 40 hour HazWoper/ Annual Refreshers
  • On Track Safety/Roadway Worker Training
  • OSHA 10 Construction Standard
  • PEC
  • Ariba
  • Link to Safety Program List
  • Link to Permits and Certifications
  • Link to Insurance Certification and BWC
  • Link to EMR Verification
  • NIMS
  • e-Railsafe
  • E-Verify
  • PICS
  • Browz

ERS prides itself on the ability to provide experienced and highly trained personnel at our customers’ sites. Training occurs from the moment ERS hires personnel and continues through their career. Some of the training provided to our personnel, while position-specific, includes:

  • 40-Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Training
  • 8-Hour Annual Refresher (yearly)
  • RCRA/Regulations Training
  • DOT Hazmat Training (technicians as well as drivers; every 2 to 3 years)
  • OSHA Outreach (10 hour or 30 hour)
  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Training
  • Weekly Safety Meetings/Training
  • Respirator Training/Fit Testing
  • Railroad Railway Worker
  • Customer Service Training
  • New Hire and Annual Physical/DOT Physical
  • Employee Involvement with Training Presentations
  • Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Program
  • Fall Protection, Lockout, Excavations, etc.

The training listed above is an example of the minimum training we provide our field services and technical service crews. Individualized training is dependent upon the specific job titles and requirements. Please note that all employees are part of the random drug/alcohol test program.

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