BoomSm2Dispatched from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bowling Green, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Montgomery, Illinois offices, ERS Inc. provides 24-hour emergency spill response to nearly all types of incidents involving hazardous material or petroleum releases into soil, surface water, or groundwater. As part of our emergency capabilities, a substantial equipment and supply inventory for investigation, spill containment, and clean up are maintained at the ERS Inc. warehouses in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.

  • Truck, accident and industrial spill response
  • Train derailment response
  • Spill contingency planning/SPCC Plans
  • Vacuum trucks and excavation equipment
  • Hazardous materials and petroleum products
  • Level A, B, C and D capabilities
  • Annual Service Agreements available for pre-planning
  • Call a branch office for additional information
Vacuum Truck recovery of petroleum from a stormwater retention pond. Yellow boom used to corral petroleum on the pond surface.